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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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emergency officials say that the flooding caught some people off guard because the water level gauge is broke -- broke. >> and, we just checked at the intersection, at the causeway, it is back open. and it was actually shut down at protest -- after protests. family members once hillsborough county deputies to explain why a swat team member shot and killed riggins. >> fir brother saved his sister's life. >> we are hearing from the parents of the 18-year-old man who died over the holiday weekend trying to rescue his sister from raging peace river. >> ryan spoke to his parents on how their son became a tragic hero. >> reporter: under normal circumstances and this is a trial, since hurricane hermine
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it has all ready taken one life this weekend. >> he told us, one day he would be on the news. >> that day has come. but not in the way that his family had dreamed.>> i didn't think that it would be for this. he wanted to do something profound. >> in fact he did do something profound. he went fishing with his family on this partially flooded dock. his 11-year-old sister lost her footing. hesitate. he just he jumped. >> following the heavy rains, it has spilled over the banks and the current was much faster than normal. he managed to get his sister state duty to slow -- safely to shore. they worked round-the-clock hoping for a miracle. but it never came. they found his body sunday
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>> he is a hero. that's what he has. >> his mother barbie and stepfather are struggling staring at a skateboard that he cherished. and smiling at the happy memories. they're trying to forget the worst day of their lives. >> he was a protector. he protected me from the time that he could walk up until the other day. >> the mother tells us no plans to ever return when she lost her son, that it would trigger too many bad memories. they plan on holding a vigil to honor austin and think the people who tried d to save them. we do have heavy rain coming down across pinellas county. and, it is through coachman to
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this is all moving from the northeast. and, the lille men reported that there was a touchdown there. while they were on scene to a medical call. the bottom line is, as this rain has been coming through, have not had any warnings for a tornado or for a severe thunderstorm. but as they move through, you definitely want to stay in. and, if you are on the roads, expect limited visibility. especially across the sky weight as these storms are moving in that direction. and we have another batch in manatee and sarasota county. if you look, this is starting to dry out.
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storms will be coming to an end, and it will become much drier for the overnight and, you can see those temperatures have been coming down as a result. most of those temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. thank you. tonight, we are hearing about a third death attributed to hermine. a man trying to remove the tree while, it is out to see right now. >> beneath the powerful waves, dangerous rip currents, the work of post-tropical cyclone hermine. and rolling up the eastern seaboard with wins gusting up to 70 miles per hour. and many beaches are out labor
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crowds. >> out in the atlantic, rough waters even rocking passengers abroad -- aboard the anthem of the seas. >> dishes are going all over the place. >> residence are still battling rising waters where her mean first made landfall as a cate friday. >> i look out my window and we have an ocean on our front porch. >> neighborhood after neighborhood flooding from florida to virginia costing trees and exploding power lines. >> it's absolutely ferocious. >> thousand spent the weekend in florida. and they warn, that the danger is not over yet. >> there's a lot of water that still has to move through the county.
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to monitor what you see here. in fact, the officers are patrolling this danger. the ocean will remain off- limits to swimmers. thank you. we are learning charlotte county jail guards may be in violation of the eighth amendment for cruel treatment of a schizophrenic inmate. they douse stephen mcneilly with three cans of spray -- pepper spray. they banned such treatment but he will post says that they are free to decide if they want to use chemical agents to subdue inmates with mental illness. take a look at this explosion, space ask -- x may have to fork out millions of dollars.
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they have not explained what exactly caused that explosion. we are learning that most people think using marijuana is harmless. the journal says that there has been a change in the way that americans view the drug because, it is more mainstream. they say that advertising specifically political ads that portray marijuana as a less harmful drug also have played a part. in november, he will be able to vote to legalize mayor -- medical marijuana here in flid lauderdale man tries to have sex with a nine-year-old girl. they say that man, the 22-year- old tried to communicate with a little girl or who he thought was that girl. thankfully, it was an undercover fbi agent. he showed up to a hotel with two stuffed animals. >> he is facing federal charges.>> new information --
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sheriff's deputy. we just pulled jack armstrong's arrest documents and we found out that he hit a stop sign and a house early sunday morning. documents also show that he admitted to drinking for beers at a time at a bar before getting behind the wheel. fortunately, no one was hurt. the sheriff's office says that he worked for them for three years but resigned after his arrest. and tonight, are trying to stop accidents like this from happening before they start. >> many local agencies are taking part in the drive sober or get pulled over campaign. it's one of the most dangerous times for drunk driving accidents. if you or someone you know, needs a ride home you can use the service as a last resort. a truck will come get you and your car for free. you don't even have to be a triple a member.
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that screen. it is active through tomorrow morning. and, news tonight about gas prices. they are going up in the bay area. however, prices are still cheaper compared to this time last year and, at their lowest level nationwide since 2004. the national averages $2.21, $.20 cheaper than a year ago. the average price in tampa is to $17 >> that these are the places to check out, we found these look -- prices using a tool. and then, gas prices on the left-hand side. he asked an officer for help the officer wound up arresting this man. we will tell you about the foolish act that wound up
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we just checked and found out the murder suspect you see behind me who broke free moments after he arrested is on the run. they say that alonzo perez should be considered armed and dangerous even though, they do not think he grabbed a weapon. they last saw him on friday on it -- in an interview room. apparently he turned them over and over again until he was able to break free. pickup truck on his way out of the area. this next story might have you shaking her man asher had. a man flags on a deputy that's when the story gets more bazaar. this is what he did next and why it landed him behind bars. >> his happy to be enjoying this labor day holiday could have been a lot more stressful. >> it's a debit card.
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money. >> she didn't realized she lost it. >> they told me they had my card and wanted to know if mr. braden duffy was authorized and he's -- and i said, he is not. they were out and couldn't help but laugh but found out how he got caught >> definitely an airhead. >> they rest spells out the whole bizarre encounter. >> i have no idea what he was thinking. >> flagged down a deputy. he asked him if he could charge his cell phone to call uber. he made himself comfortable on a bench whipping out a bunch of credit cards. >> if i had a pocket full of cars i wouldn't pull that out. >> but he did. he noticed that they were not in his name and he arrested
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>> she is especially thankful she just moved and begged her aunt to go out. >> you don't really care about a lot of stuff like that. so coming here and going out and it happens her mind is kind of blown >> she is surprised and she couldn't help but share this message. >> dude, use the cops to charge your phone, all the time. you saved us all. you may be able to help us find who owns this american flag that you see in the video. it was found on the side of 19 in clearwater. the man hopes that he can reunite the owner with this piece of patriotism.
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so far more than 10,000 shares of this post. >> some people have suggested that i unfolded there might be something inside -- unfold it. some say, it could be three shell casings if it was used at a funeral. >> he tells us he wants to wait but he will open it if nobody comes forward. if you want to help in the search you can share that post right now online. roads are still flooded out. >> yes, and any bit of rain is just insult to injury. but the good news is, not necessarily over the next couple of hours but, the next couple of days those rain chances go down. so, both hands on the wheel,
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as the heavier bands of rain come through. and you will have limited visibility. this is because, a batch of rain and a few storms are what's rolling across the sky way. this is heading into this area across the south of boca. you'll get a little bit of relief here. we have another batch of heavy rain and, this is moving away from coachman. and, to the north, from bayonet port this point, this is moving from the northeast to the southwest. if you are looking for your mobile device, and you see a storm, or that pattern. but the rain showers will start to
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to become fewer and fewer tonight. and, you can see the northeast to southwest flow that's all around the area of high pressure to the north. and, what you are seeing is dry air. and, starting tomorrow you will have lower humidity and less rain. the lower humidity i think that you should notice first thing in the morning, not so much through the afternoon it will be hot and steamy. but our dew point's are in the milk upper 70s. 75 crystal river -- middle to upper 70s, 75 in crystal river. but, we are going to see those come down to the middle to upper 60s by tomorrow. so, that should be noticeably different that, not necessarily in the afternoon. i think that overnight as we dry out we see those temperatures falling in
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bay. and, that's going to be noticeably more comfortable. and, it is the same old drill. so if you are planning on getting yardwork done, as far as rainfall, we have this in any given area. heat and humidity, it is definitely better. >> the rain chances go up and up, pretty low chances for that afternoon rain. by the time we get to friday that looks like our wettest day of the week. but things come back around 230% of coverage. and partly sunny skies both days and temperatures near 90 in the afternoon. and into monday, we are at
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and, the is will be the morning lows with lower humility -- humidity just a few degrees lower than what we have seen lately. do you think it feels a little bit better? i hope that it does. back to you. still ahead, a partakicing the picture that a young victim says proves how cruel his
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y23ppy yy6y right now, president. barack obama is speaking out
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surrounding colin kaepernick. >> he says that the quarterback is exercising his constitutional right even though, he did call his protest messy. he has been heavily criticized for the assignment protest he is claiming that he's trying to highlight the treatment of african-americans. we did show you that he was seen wearing socks depicted police officers as pigs. a soccer start is showing her support. she took anything the national anthem before a game on sunday night think, her being a gay american makes her empathetic to the struggles for minority rights. despite the criticisms -- >> despite the criticism, his journey -- jersey sales are skyrocketing. he is the third most purchased jersey right now. and the 49ers website sold more jerseys in the last week for him, in the previous eight months combined.
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a man steals an ambulance to sides to stop at a cookout. it was interrupted when police came to arrest the man. the ambulance had a gps tracker. >> just sitting here having a cookout and we saw an ambulance come by. we thought they were going to an accident. and, it pulled in and came through. >> the suspect faces charges for driving a stolen ambulance. and here's ashely glass. >> hundreds of patients moved from a pascoe county hospital that a lightning strike caused them to leave. we what you know when they will begin accepting patients again. clearwater beach is feeling the effects of hurricane hermine. what one businesses doing to recoup lost treasure. hurricane hermine came
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hermine rolled across the area they are still working to fix flooded roads. city leaders have a warning. good evening everyone. >> paul exposes the lingering infrastructure problems haunting tampa bay. >> this is the sound of a problem. a problem that has been ignored for decades. today, city workers spent their labor day laboring over the lasting effects of hermine. >> let alone, a tropical storm. and, the receding water is left behind another gift to drivers. awful city. >> driving through the streets of gulfport is like being in a
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every little bump is a reminder of hermine. and a problem that has been ignored for decades. >> we need more money to help us deal with the water inflow that we have had especially since it was just category one. >> the state has not invested in the country has not invested in infrastructure and it's time that they step up and recognize that the country's infrastructure is aging and it needs to be replaced and repaired. >> the environment has changed. >> they say the past time to invest. >> it will be changed over the next 40 or 50 years. >> he says, they can pay for it with a penny sales tax. >> there hitting us right now as we say. >> we can watch this happen all


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